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Marketing Highlights for 2014-15

Achieved a sale of 400724 MT of fertilizers during the year, in spite of restrictions due to GOI notification of stoppage of Naptha based Urea plant for reducing the subsidy as the Urea produced is not cost effective during the period from October 2014 - December 2014.

Achieved a sale of 325532 MT of Vijay Urea during the year and we have intoduced value added product neem coated urea from September 2014 onwards and sold 962 MT for the current year.

During the year 74,225 MT of Vijay 17:17:17 had been sold against the CPLY sale of 44,831 MT, which is 65% more than CPLY.

Sold 349 MT of Vijay Bio-Fertilisers as against the CPLY sale of 147 MT which is 137% increase over CPLY sales.

Sold 113 KL of Vijay Neem as against the CPLY sales of 115 KL , almost maintained CPLY sales.

Vijay Organic manure sold 5432 MT under Vijay Brand in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Pondicherry under basket approach of GOI.

Efforts for streamlining logistics operations continued this year also and 97% of the products were directly delivered to the dealers.

Rail movement has been improved as per GOI guidelines and achieved a Rail:Road ratio of 60:40 during the year.

99.7% of sales effected on cash terms.

99.6% of sales value realized within 7 days

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