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Marketing Highlights for 2013-14

Achieved a record sale of 5,44,907 MT of Vijay fertilzers, which was highest during the the past 10 years.

Sold 5.00 lakh MT of Vijay Urea, which was made available to the doorsteps of farmers through the retail dealers in the rural market of South India.

During the year 44,831 MT of Vijay 17:17:17 was sold.

A Record movement of 542643 MT of Vijay Fertilizers was achieved during 2013-14 which was the best movement in the recent years.

For the sustainability of soil fertility and to protect the soil health, MFL has supplied 147 MT of Vijay Bio-Fertilizers to farmers through MFL dealers.

To maintain Eco-friendly environment and plant protection, MFL has supplied 115 KL of Neem Pesticides through MFL dealers.

For Balanced fertilizer application, MFL had arranged 5571 Nos. of soil samples analyzed for NPK and 1089 Nos. analyzed for Micro Nutrients at free of cost for the farmers during the year 2013-14.


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